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PDF icon February 11, 2020 Agenda.pdf220.27 KB
PDF icon A-00 January 25, 2020 Minutes.pdf60.59 KB
PDF icon A-0 January 28, 2020 Minutes.pdf206.34 KB
PDF icon A-3 Final Construction Status Reports for the Ridge Spring Monetta Middle High Phase 2 Addition Project.pdf28.32 KB
PDF icon A-3 Ridge Spring-Monetta Executive Summary 16 - January 2020.pdf5.15 MB
PDF icon A-4 AHS James A. Taylor Gym Executive Summary 09 - January 2020.pdf4.77 MB
PDF icon A-4 Construction Status Reports for the Aiken High School Phase 3 James Taylor Gymnasium Renovation Project.pdf27.87 KB
PDF icon A-5 Construction Status Reports for the North Augusta High Schools Phase III Addition Project.pdf28.1 KB
PDF icon A-5 NAHS Phase 3 Progress Report 5_Feb. 2020.pdf590.73 KB
PDF icon A-6 Construction Status Reports for the MIdland Valley High Addition Renovation Project.pdf28.11 KB
PDF icon A-6 MVHS Additions_Progress Report 4_Feb 2020_reduced.pdf2.93 MB
PDF icon B-2 Change Order #1 for the North Augusta High Phase 2 Additions - GMP #4 Phase 3 Demolition of Existing Classroom Building.pdf26.97 KB
PDF icon B-3 Belvedere ES DD Presentation_021120.pdf2.62 MB
PDF icon B-4 Submission of the Education and Economic Development Act (EEDA) Preparing College - and Career Ready Graduates Competitive Grant Application - FY 21.pdf59.01 KB
PDF icon B-5 Nutrien PCS Administration (USA), Inc. Donstation to Belvedere Elementary - FY20.pdf29.7 KB
PDF icon B-6 New Spring Church Donation to Schofield Middle School - FY20.pdf29.07 KB
PDF icon B-7 Submission of the Summer Reading Camp Community Partnership Grant.pdf43.34 KB
PDF icon C-3 Elementary Tier 1 Behavior Intervention Program.pdf47.58 KB
PDF icon B-3 Design Development Drawings Budget for the Belvedere Elementary Addition Renovation Project.pdf45.14 KB