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PDF icon B-0 April 21, 2020 Minutes.pdf198.48 KB
PDF icon B-1 Construction Status Reports for the Midland Valley High Addition Project.pdf20.28 KB
PDF icon B-2 Construction Status Reports for the Millbrook Elementary Additions & Renovations Project.pdf21.04 KB
PDF icon B-2 MES_Execuitive Summary Report_April_05.01.20.pdf1.96 MB
PDF icon B-3 Construction Status Reports for the North Augusta High School Phase III Addition Project.pdf21.07 KB
PDF icon B-3 NAHS Phase 3 Progress Report 7_May 2020.pdf704.57 KB
PDF icon B-4 Construction Status Reports for the ridge Spring-Monetta Elementary Phase 3 Addition Project.pdf20.83 KB
PDF icon B-4 RSM ES Executive Summary 03 - April 2020.pdf1.24 MB
PDF icon C-2 Local School Board Courses for 2020-2021.pdf197.58 KB
PDF icon C-3 Language Immersions Mathematics K-5.pdf32.96 KB
PDF icon C-4 Construction Bids for North Augusta Middle Remodeling of Restrooms.pdf30.03 KB
PDF icon C-5 CARES Grant.pdf39.8 KB
PDF icon D-2 Addition of Administrative Rules GCC-R(2) (Professional Staff) and GDC-R (2) (Support Staff). COVID-19 Related Leave.pdf202.57 KB
PDF icon D-4 Revisions to the Code of Student Conduct - First Reading.pdf25.86 KB
PDF icon D-5 Revised Proposed Calendar for 2020-2021.pdf845.97 KB
PDF icon D-6 Budget 2020-2021 Fiscal Year.pdf53.05 KB
PDF icon D-6 Attachment 1.pdf212.45 KB
PDF icon D-6 Attachment 2.pdf100.07 KB
PDF icon D-6 Attachment 3.pdf1.07 MB
PDF icon D-6 Attachment 4.pdf155.52 KB
PDF icon May 12, 2020 Agenda.pdf860.43 KB
PDF icon B-1 MVHS Additions_Progress Report 8_May 2020.pdf6.6 MB
PDF icon D-4 Attachment 1- 1st Read Draft 20-21 Elementary Code of Conduct.pdf425.02 KB
PDF icon D-4 -1st Read Draft 20-21 High School Code of Conduct.pdf434.14 KB
PDF icon D-4 Attachment 2 -1st Read Draft 20-21 Middle School Code of Conduct.pdf443.82 KB
PDF icon 20-5-12 FIRST READING OF BUDGET - FY 21.pdf656.6 KB