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PDF icon A-0 November 12, 2019 Minutes.pdf229.13 KB
PDF icon A-3 Financial Report as of July 31, 2019.pdf103.33 KB
PDF icon A-4 Financial Report as of August 31, 2019.pdf126.73 KB
PDF icon A-5 Construction Status Reports for the Ridge Spring-Monetta Middle High Phase 2 Addition Project.pdf27.23 KB
PDF icon A-5 Executive Summary Report for RSM High Phase 2.pdf5.31 MB
PDF icon A-6 Construction Status Reports for the North Augusta High School Phase III Addition Project.pdf27.35 KB
PDF icon A-7 Construction Status Reports for the Midland Valley High Addition Renovation Project.pdf26.71 KB
PDF icon A-7 MVHS Additions_Progress Report 3_Dec 2019.pdf1.57 MB
PDF icon A-8 AHS James A. Taylor Gym Executive Summary 07 - November 2019.pdf3.97 MB
PDF icon B-2 Ridge Spring-Monetta Elementary Addition - CD Phase Booklet - Final.pdf13.42 MB
PDF icon B-2 Ridge-Spring Monetta Elementary School Addition Phase III Project Final Architectural Contract Documents.pdf39.01 KB
PDF icon B-3 Change Order Number 1 for the 2019 Replacements of Bleachers @ Kennedy Middle & Silver Bluff High.pdf33.86 KB
PDF icon B-4 Request for Proposals for HVAC Services or Plumbing Services for Aiken County Public Schools.pdf33.55 KB
PDF icon B-5 Request for Proposals for Electrical Services for Aiken County Public Schools.pdf38.47 KB
PDF icon B-6 Bridgestone Donation to Langley-Bath-Clearwater Middle School - FY20.pdf28.26 KB
PDF icon B-7 Submission of Grant Application by the Business Services Department for the South Carolina School Boards Insurance Trust Risk Control Grant - FY20.pdf37.11 KB
PDF icon A-6 NAHS Phase 3 Progress Report 3_Dec. 2019.pdf557.39 KB
PDF icon B-8 NewSpring Church Donation to Aiken Elementary School - FY20.pdf27.99 KB
PDF icon B-9 IORIO Charitable Foundation Donation to Aiken Intermediate School - FY20.pdf27.47 KB
PDF icon B-10 Submission of Grant Application for the Title III Immigrant Grant - FY20.pdf28.19 KB
PDF icon B-11 A.L. Corbett Public School Alumni Donation to A.L.Corbett Middle School - FY20.pdf30.35 KB
PDF icon C-3 Changes to Policy GCD Professional Staff Vacations and Holidays and Policy GDD Support Staff Vacations and Holidays, Final Reading.pdf198.16 KB
PDF icon C-4 Changes to Policy EFE Competitive Food Sales, First Reading.pdf108.22 KB
PDF icon C-5 Changes to Policy JFAB Nonresident Students, Final Reading.pdf145.44 KB
PDF icon C-6 Elementary Tier 3 Behavior Intervention Program.pdf39.31 KB
PDF icon December 17, 2019 Agenda.pdf296.99 KB
PDF icon A-8 Construction Status Reports for the Aiken High School Phase 3 James Taylor Gymnasium Renovation Project.pdf26.94 KB