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PDF icon B-1 Facilities Construction Department Quarterly Change Order Notification.pdf46.51 KB
PDF icon B-2 Construction Status Reports for the Midland Valley High Adiition Project.pdf20.15 KB
PDF icon B-2 MVHS Additions_Progress Report 7_April 2020.pdf0 bytes
PDF icon B-3 Construction Status Reports for the Millbrook Elementary Additions & Renovations Project.pdf21.02 KB
PDF icon B-3 MES_Executive Summary Report_03.30.20.pdf2.09 MB
PDF icon B-4 Construction Status Reports for the North Augusta High School Phase III Addition Project.pdf20.6 KB
PDF icon B-4 NAHS Phase 3 Progress Report 7_April 2020.pdf457.54 KB
PDF icon B-5 Construction Status Reports for the Ridge Spring-Monetta Elementary Phase 3 Addition Project.pdf20.47 KB
PDF icon B-5 RSM ES Executive Summary 02 - March 2020.pdf1.24 MB
PDF icon B-6 Financial Report, as of Dece,ber 31, 2019.pdf364.59 KB
PDF icon C-2 2020 Painting of Jackson Middle, LBC Middle & North Augusta Middle.pdf26.07 KB
PDF icon C-3 Construction Bids for the 2020 Scrubbing, Sanding, Striping & Coating of Gymnasium Floors District Wide for Aiken County Public Schools.pdf30.88 KB
PDF icon C-4 2020 Installation of Flooring @ JD Lever Elementary, North Augusta Elementary & Redcliffe Elementary.pdf37.3 KB
PDF icon C-5 Request to Purchase Mini Buses.pdf28.76 KB
PDF icon C-7 Forensic Science Textbook Adoption.pdf36.59 KB
PDF icon C-6 A proposal to dismantle, transport, and erect the solar array from Gloverville Elementary School to Silver Bluff High School.pdf65.63 KB
PDF icon C-8 Textbook Adoptions for the 2020-2021 School Year.pdf50.61 KB
PDF icon D-3 2020-2021 Budget Calendar-Proposed Revision.pdf45.23 KB
PDF icon A-0 March 24, 2020 Minutes.pdf159.06 KB
PDF icon April 21, 2020 Agenda.pdf1.85 MB