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PDF icon March 10, 2020 Agenda.pdf1.37 MB
PDF icon A-00 February 18, 2020 Special Called Meeting Minutes.pdf77.04 KB
PDF icon A-0 February 25, 2020 Meeting Minutes.pdf163.27 KB
PDF icon A-2 Construction Status Reports for the Midland Valley High Addition Project.pdf28.23 KB
PDF icon A-2 MVHS Additions_Progress Report 6_March 2020.pdf4.8 MB
PDF icon A-3 Construction Status Reports for the Millbrook Elementary Additions & Renovations Project.pdf29.57 KB
PDF icon A-3 MES_Executive Summary Report_02.26.20.pdf2.23 MB
PDF icon A-4 Construction Status Reports for the North Augusta High School Phase III Addition Project.pdf28.89 KB
PDF icon A-4 NAHS Phase 3 Progress Report 6_Mar. 2020.pdf606.49 KB
PDF icon A-5 Construction Status Reports for the Ridge Spring-Monetta Elementary Phase 3 Addition Project.pdf27.97 KB
PDF icon A-5 RSM ES Executive Summary 01 - February 2020.pdf6.96 MB
PDF icon B-2 Change Order Number 1 & 2 for the Aiken High School Phase 3 James Taylor Renovation.pdf34.88 KB
PDF icon B-3 Rubber Track-Resurfacing Project 2 Midland Valley High & North Augusta High.pdf38.69 KB
PDF icon B-4 Submission of the Distinguished Arts Program (DAP) 2020-21 Arts Curricular Innovation Grant.pdf38.13 KB
PDF icon B-5 Submission of the 2020-21 Nita Lowey 21st Century Community Learning Centers Application by Leavelle McCampbell MIddle School - FY21.pdf55.94 KB
PDF icon B-6 Nonresident Tuition Fees.pdf34.04 KB
PDF icon C-3 Changes to Policy GDB Support Staff Employment and Compensation, Final Reading.pdf82.45 KB
PDF icon C-4 Changes to Policy GCQC- GCQD Resignation of Instructional Staff - Administrative Staff, Final Reading.pdf103.53 KB