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PDF icon A-0 June 23, 2020 Minutes.pdf1.41 MB
PDF icon A-1 BES Additions Board Report - July 2020.pdf430.89 KB
PDF icon A-1 Construction Status Reports for the Belvedere Elementary School Addition & Renovations Project.pdf170.72 KB
PDF icon A-2 Construction Status Reports for the Midland Valley High Addition Project.pdf172.77 KB
PDF icon A-2 MVHS Additions_Progress Report 10_July 2020.pdf627.03 KB
PDF icon A-3 Construction Status Reports for the Millbrook Elementary Additions & Renovations Project.pdf176.04 KB
PDF icon A-3 MES_Executive Summary Report_June_06.25.20.pdf1.85 MB
PDF icon A-4 Construction Status Reports for the North Augusta High School Phase III Addition Project.pdf173.55 KB
PDF icon A-4 NAHS Phase 3 Progress Report 10_July 2020.pdf838.3 KB
PDF icon A-5 Construction Status Reports for the Ridge Spring-Monetta Elementary Phase 3 Addition Project.pdf170.41 KB
PDF icon A-5 RSM ES Executive Summary 05 - June 2020.pdf4.43 MB
PDF icon A-6 Facilities Construction Department Quarterly Change Order Notification.pdf365.13 KB
PDF icon B-1 Change Order Number 1 for the 2019 Remodeling of Restrooms @ Greendale Elementary.pdf156.45 KB
PDF icon B-2 CARES Act Emergency Operating Grants for Child Care Providers Submission for Freedmen Early Learning Center - FY21.pdf222.51 KB
PDF icon B-3 Kevin & Brittany Kisner foundation Donation to Hammond Hill Elementary School - FY21.pdf184.5 KB
PDF icon B-4 Submission of the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act Education for Homeless Children and Youths 2020-21 Discretionary Subgrant-FY21.pdf296.68 KB
PDF icon B-5 South Carolina School Boards Association Dues.pdf549.82 KB
PDF icon C-4 Addition of Administrative Rules GCC-R (3) (Professional Staff) and GDC-R (3) (Support Staff), Professional Leave - Internships.pdf769.62 KB
PDF icon July 14, 2020 Agenda.pdf1.47 MB