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PDF icon A-0 Minutes for October 25, 2016.pdf233.29 KB
PDF icon A-1 2016 Summer Cyclic Status Report.pdf22.95 KB
PDF icon B-4 DeKoda Watson Donation to Wagener-Salley High School - FY17.pdf30.03 KB
PDF icon B-5 Remain at Home Senior Care Donation to Redcliffe Elementary School - FY17.pdf31.48 KB
PDF icon B-6 Public Education Partners Grant to Jackson Middle School - FY17.pdf30.09 KB
PDF icon B-7 Submission of the South Carolina Arts Commission Arts in Basic Curriculum Advancement - Arts in Education Grant for New Ellenton Middle STEAM Magnet School.pdf39.5 KB
PDF icon B-8 Change Order Number 1 for the 2016 florring at BLC, Aiken El., North Augusta El., CIL at Pinecrest and Belvedere El. from Gleaton Floor Covering, Inc.pdf42.84 KB
PDF icon C-2 Policy Changes Related to Reorganization.pdf594.41 KB
PDF icon C-3 Changes to Policy DD Funding Proposals, Grants, Special Projects.pdf83.77 KB
PDF icon C-4 Changes to Administrative Rule IHBH-R Charter Schools.pdf254.83 KB
PDF icon C-5 Changes to Policy DBJ Budget Transfers.pdf51.96 KB
PDF icon C-6 Changes to Policy DFD Gate Receipts and Admissions.pdf51.64 KB
PDF icon C-7 Changes to Policy DFG Tuition Income.pdf48.47 KB
PDF icon C-9 Changes to Policy DKC Expense Authorization - Reimbursement.pdf166.43 KB
PDF icon C-10 Changes to Policy DM Cash in School Buildings.pdf57.22 KB
PDF icon C-11 Changes to Policy DK Parment Procedures.pdf90.86 KB
PDF icon C-12 Changes to Administrative Rule ED-R Materials and Equipment Management.pdf149.87 KB
PDF icon C-13 Change to Policy DIAA and Administrative Rule DIAA-R Student Activity Funds Management.pdf203.51 KB
PDF icon C-14 Changes to Policy DGD and Administrative Rule DGD-R Credit Cards and Purchasing Cards.pdf117.39 KB
PDF icon C-15 Changes to Policy DGA Authorized Signatures.pdf46.01 KB
PDF icon C-16 Changes to Policy DG Depository of Funds.pdf90.72 KB
PDF icon C-17 Changes to Policy IJJ and Administrative Rule IJJ-R Textbook Selection and Adoption.pdf135.55 KB
PDF icon C-18 Changes to Administative Rule IKE-R Promotion and Retention oif Students.pdf636.74 KB